Be proud of yourself.

What we really love to do is help dedicated DIYers – people who enjoy creating new ideas for their home and then using their hard work and skill to turn ideas into reality. We admire your passion and resourcefulness. We do our best to supply you with products that will enable you to create a unique and special home for yourself. We innovate so that you can be free to make the smartest home possible. With just a touch of magic.

Our philosophy is simple.

"Simple is smart". We believe it is smart to make complex things simple. But only when this means simple for our customers, not for ourselves. We think a lot so that DIYers won't have to when it comes to installing or using our devices.

It's a kind of magic.

Qubino enables you to transform – inexpensively and invisibly – any traditional electric device into a smart, connected one which you can control with your smart phone. Qubino devices are simple to install and use, but also extremely versatile - if you are a demanding and ambitious DIYer, there is also a wealth of additional features and parameters for you to play with.

Hate problems?
Think Qubino.

Many DIYers come to us after trying the devices of other brands. Perhaps this is because Qubino offers what are probably the world's only Z-Wave devices with guaranteed 100% quality control throughout the production process – on every product. Our customers say that our customer service is the fastest on the market for speed of response. They also appreciate our free lifetime phone support. For some, it is also important that Qubino products are developed and manufactured exclusively in the European Union.

Which Qubino is the right one for you?