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Who we are

We are an EU based innovator and manufacturer of Z-Wave smart home devices.
Our diverse portfolio of products will bring more comfort, safety, and energy saving into your daily life.
Choose Qubino to make your life easier, and your home smarter.
Explore the website to find out how we can help you accomplish this goal.

Our mission

To improve people’s lives in terms of safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

Our values

Innovation - Limitless innovation
Integrity - Doing what is right
Responsibility - Social and environmental responsibility
Fairness - Making judgments free from prejudice or favoritism
Responsiveness - Reacting quickly

Quality Assurance at every stage

  • R&DProduct design&development with only top-quality components and robust materials
  • ProductionStrict quality control standards throughout the production process
  • TestingOnly after a successful testing the Qubino products receive a serial number to ensure you full treaceability
  • LogisticsQuality check after the products arrive at our dispatch center
  • Customer supportFast and comprehensive e-mail customer support

Product Highlights

The smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible. Energy saving is one of the top priority features when developing our smart home devices.

Innovation means Collaboration

When in the process of developing unique solutions, that will fulfill market needs, we regularly collaborate with children from kindergarten to professors at the Universities and research centers. Each one of us has an invaluable contribution to the process of understanding the customers' needs and through research & development, transforming them into unique solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Knowledge is the engine that drives development. Only by sharing it, we can receive and learn more. That's why we have created the Qubino playroom. A workspace to share our knowledge and educate children, teenagers and adults from our local and broader community. We are looking into the future, now. Welcome.

Would you trust...

...a company with 29 years of experience in the automation.
...50% of the global market share in the automation of cabins on the most luxurious cruise ships on the planet.
Since the cruise ships are sailing across the ocean, you cannot service and maintain the system whenever you want. The smooth functioning of the system and its quality are of key importance.
Big financial investments in the shipping industry, more than 500 million dollars, require collaboration with a reliable, trustworthy company.

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