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Flush 2 Relays – Compatibility specification

At Qubino we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers.
Check the results in the table below.

Please note that the gateway (hub) compatibility was updated on 14.3.2018 and it may not include the latest testing data.

SupportsUnsupportedCheck commentTestingQ1, Q2, …Module physical outputI1, I2, …Module physical input
#GatewayQ1 (physical output) +
Q2 (physical output)
Q1 (physical output)Q2 (physical output)WW
(Q1 - phisycal output)
(Q2 - physical output)
(Q1 - physical output)
(Q2 - physical output)
Temperature sensorCommentsDate of last test
1Zwave meTotal W updated when polled. Q1+Q2 works but is not updated unless polled or lifeline is changed.7/4/2018
3Fibaro HC Lite v 4.130After inclusion only root node is updated, all nodes work. Setting multichannel lifeline updates both relays but not root node.
4Zipabox 1.3.24Additional setup is needed.7/4/2018
5Vera edge v 1.7.350Works with temperature sensor attached.7/4/2018
6SmartThing 000.021.00012When temperature sensor is connected there is no Q1 and Q2 buttons.7/4/2018
7DevolokWh will be tested.7/4/2018
8NETIChomePower consumption is shown for a last change of either relays on root node.6/26/2018
9Homey 1.0.4Set multichannel lifeline.4/16/2018
12Domoticz V3.5877
13Homeseer will be tested.
15Open zwave
16JeedomThe measure of consumption is not automatic, we need to active the pooling (configuration: Values and refresh).
17Indigo 7kWh will be tested.
18ImperiHomekWh will be tested.1/19/2018
21SmartThings 3rd partyInstall additional device handlers(2 relay and metering child devices).
22Schwaiger 3.3.0kWh update after polling.8/9/2018