Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 | The smallest wireless dimmer in the world
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Smart Thermostat that measures
power consumption

The Qubino On/Off Thermostat 2 is your wireless heating and hot water controller that also measures the power consumption. 

This amazingly tiny module is ideal for wireless control of electric or water-based underfloor heating systems, electric water heaters, hot water pumps, and electric radiators.

Remotely control heating system

Schedule heating to fit your lifestyle

Set schedules to adjust the temperature of your home to your lifestyle. 

Automatically turn your smart heating system off after you leave in the morning and turn it back on remotely before you return home. 

Set a schedule for your home to welcome you adequately warm before returning from holidays. 

Connect scheduling to a temperature sensor to trigger the heating system to turn on occasionally to prevent the temperature to drop let’s say bellow 15°C [59°F]. 

Your home will always welcome you with optimal temperature, no matter how long you’ll be away.

Smart Thermostat empowers
smart energy usage

In an average house situated in the northern hemisphere, heating eats about half of the total energy usage. 

On/Off Thermostat 2 can significantly reduce the energy needs and save money — while keeping the house at an optimal temperature. Heating every room separately offers a maximum level of well-being while making your home more energy-efficient. The Qubino Smart Thermostat 2 enables smart zoning, which means you can turn the heating off in isolated rooms and save energy without compromising your comfort.  

Being able to turn the biggest energy burners, such as heating systems off, while away, will bring your power bills down considerably. Not at the cost of your comfort though.

Smart Thermostat enables Smart Zoning

There are endless scenarios of discomfort due to the different needs of each family member. Being able for example to set a different temperature in a room where an infant sleeps, than the one where you enjoy a bit more moderate heating will make the living of each family member more comfortable.

On/Off Thermostat 2 enables you to set a different temperature in each room depending on your needs. Creating Smart Zones throughout your home will cut down the power consumption of your heating system by reducing the temperature in empty rooms.  At the same time, you can create a perfect climate where needed.

Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 can be used with
water or home heating systems

Select your type of water or home heating and watch the video how to make it smart.

Installation example for underfloor heating

Works on the world's leading
smart home technology - Z-Wave


Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 works on Z-Wave technology, which means it is compatible with any gateway supporting Z-Wave communication protocol.


Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 is Z-Wave certified and is compatible with all Z-Wave certified gateways worldwide. To make sure there are no surprises and the On/Off Thermostat 2 functions are supported on your gateway, we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers.

Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 Z-Wave gateway compatibility

Fast & Trouble-free set up with
Z-Wave SmartStart

The setup of Smart Thermostat is user-friendly for everyone. Simply scan the QR code on the device, install it and provide with power. Your SmartStart gateway recognizes the device and the inclusion is done automatically.

Highest level of cyber security

Why is On/Off Thermostat 2 among the safest smart home devices?

One of the most important advantages of a closed system is security.
Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 supports the most advanced security system for smart home devices on the market: the Z-Wave Security 2 Authenticated protection for wireless communication protocol.

Every Z-Wave Security 2 Authenticated product has a unique ID used to communicate with your hub, and this ID adds another level of safety beyond AES-128 encryption. It is as secured as your internet banking.

More about Z-Wave

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