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Smart Meter – Compatibility specifications

At Qubino we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers. Check the results in the table below.

NOTE: The compatibility table may not include the latest testing data, please check the last column for the date of the last test.

Supports Unsupported Check Comment Testing Q1, Q2, … Module physical output I1, I2, … Module physical input
# Gateway W kWh V A PF kvarh kVAh kVar Relay1 Relay2 Relay1 +
Comments Date of test
1 Zwave me kWh need to be manually updated
2 Cockpit
3 Fibaro HC Lite v 4.130
4 Zipabox 1.3.24 11/8/2018
5 Vera edge v 1.7.350 11/21/2018
6 NETIChome Relay test needs to be repeated on latest version
7 Devolo In basic mode watts are shown correctly. Other modec can't be tested, bacause the parameters can't be manually changed 11/22/2018
8 Homey
9 Eedomus 11/23/2018
10 Verbund
11 Domoticz V3.5877
12 Homeseer
13 Piper
14 Open zwave
15 Jeedom Wire and IR relays doesn't work
16 Indigo 7 1/23/2018
17 ImperiHome 1/24/2018
18 OpenHab 2/13/2018
19 Zipatile
20 SmartThings 3rd party Needs to be tested with handler
21 Toon smart thermostat 4.8.82 Only in web UI 7/18/2018
22 Schwaiger 3.3.0 Values are shown correctly after manual update 11/21/2018