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At Qubino we are passionate about technology applied to everyday life.

We are an EU based innovator and manufacturer of Z-Wave smart home devices. Qubino smart home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible. Our technology delivers superior comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Beyond that, we bring fun, luxury and new experience in our customers’ homes.
Innovation and simplicity define our team.

The story behind Qubino...

It started with a call to bring comfort, safety and energy efficiency to every home.

In the past controlling the lights, shades and other electronic devices with your smartphone, was a privilege only few could afford. You had to crush the walls and pull new wires all over your home. It was available only to those, who were building new houses or were prepared to invest a lot of money.

Driven by the idea to make SMART HOME simple and available to everyone…

Our goal was to offer an affordable smart home solution, that everyone could easily install and use in their homes. By developing a whole range of wireless smart home devices, that enable you to control your electronic devices with your smartphone, we managed to bring the advantages of this prospective technology in many homes around the world.

…We created Qubino.
for home automation.

Till today we have developed 15 Z-Wave smart home controllers, 7 of them are unique worldwide. We continuously upgrade our portfolio of smart home solutions with new and unique innovations. Looking into the future, your home will become smart and intuitive. It will recognize each one of your family members, their habits and anticipate their needs.
Qubino solutions are tailored to become part of your family and simplify your everyday life. With Qubino home automation living in your home will become more comfortable, energy efficient and safer.

Why should I trust qubino?

Innovation, Support, Quality

Innovation Without limits

Innovation is our core value and rooted in everything we do. We strive to constantly improve and introduce novelties, ahead of time. To constantly bring new ideas to life, we collaborate with Universities and research centers. To assure the quality of the products, before they enter the market, we test them and certify with independent certification institutions to receive international recognition.


  • Laboratory for Electronic and Information Systems
  • The University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Laboratory of Robotics
  • The University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Laboratory for Microelectronics, LMFE


  • Jožef Stefan Institute
  • SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology
  • UL – Underwriters Laboratories


  • School Center Nova Gorica

In 2019, the team that develops Qubino products, sent to space it’s own nano satellite – Trisat.

Support We are here for you.

Have a question? We’d love to hear from you. Our support team will provide more information and answer any questions you may have in 24 hrs.

Quality assurance

Innovation without quality has no value. Qubino is distinguished by the highest quality standards, thus offering a long lifetime. All Qubino products are developed and manufactured in the EU using top-quality components.


Product design & development with only top-quality components and robust materials

Strict quality control standards throughout the production process

Only after a successful testing, the Qubino products receive a serial number to ensure you full traceability

Quality check after the products arrive at our dispatch center

Customer support
Fast and comprehensive e-mail customer support

Looking into the Future Now

Collaborating with children

We embrace creativity of children. We work with them to understand and create new systems, ready for tomorrow’s generation’s needs. Our products are simple – made in a way that children understand their usability and are aware of their practical application.

Until 2019 we have educated 500 children to set-up a smart home

We’ve collaborated with 15 educational institutions

We have more than 80h of workshops with children behind us.

Qubino is GOAP's trademark

Our products are created under the auspices of GOAP, founded in 1991, with many years of experiences in automation projects. The company has a proven track record in successful implementation of automation systems on 50% of the biggest and most luxurious cruise ships on the planet. GOAP is part of Kolektor Group, a 1 billion $ international company.


Bring comfort, safety and energy efficiency of smart home technology in people’s homes through providing the highest quality products and the best customer support.


Qubino makes better living in every home worldwide.

Our experiences…

30 years
in automation industry

70 projects
in the process automation in the steel industry

more than
100 cruise ships
equipped with our HVAC systems

more than
30 000
cruiseship cabins automated

more than
65 countries
selling Qubino smart home solutions

Company’s values

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