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3-Phase Smart Meter

The smart way to control the consumption of three devices, a single 3-phase device
or your entire home running on a 3-phase power network

Spending too much on
your domestic energy consumption?

Worried about energy-hungry appliances or consumption of a specific room?
What about of your entire house?
It's time to reduce your electricity bills.

Measure your entire home running on a
3-phase electric power network

Lower the amount of energy you use. With Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter you can remotely measure the energy consumption of your home.

Simple installation on the DIN rail
in the electrical cabinet

1. Install the Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter in the electrical cabinet;
2. Configure it using your Z-Wave Gateway;
3. Remotely measure the consumption of your devices or your entire home on your smartphone.


How it works



Usage examples of the 3-Phase Smart Meter

Select from below.
  • MEASURE W / kWh

Champion of precision

The most accurate Z-Wave 3-phase Smart Energy Meter in the world.
It's the only 3-phase energy meter on the market that the current passes through it.
No current clamps needed.
It measures much more than W and kWh.
It measures 9 different values:
V, A, W, var, PF, kWh import, kWh export, kVAh, kvarh.


Lower consumption
and save energy

By adding additional contactors IKA or BICOM, Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter can automatically turn devices off after they exceed the set power consumption.
For example, the heating will automatically turn off after it reaches the set power consumption value.



Z-Wave S2
cyber security

Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter supports the most advanced security system for smart home devices on the market: the S2 protected wireless communication protocol.


Qubino 3-phase Smart Meter cares about home safety.
In case of your home's over consumption you will be allerted.

Why choose Qubino

  • Designed & Made in Europe
  • High Quality materials & components
  • Strict quality control during and after the manufacturing process
  • Each product is 100% tested and has a serial number that assures traceability
  • E.U. certificates: LVD (2014/35/EU), EMC (2014/30/EU), RED (2014/53/EU), RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU), ErP (2009/125/EC)

With Qubino you get innovative top-quality products
and the best customer service