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25% smaller than any other wireless dimmer in the world

Smarten up your conventional lighting, control and dim your lights from anywhere. Qubino Mini Dimmer enables you to remotely control and dim all types of dimmable bulbs. Whether you’re unwinding on the couch, busy at work, or vacationing miles away, you’ll be able to remotely control and dim your home lighting from anywhere.

Remotely control your lights

Dim all types of dimmable bulbs

Qubino Mini Dimmer will calibrate to work with your specific type of bulb – from LEDs, fluorescent, halogen to incandescent bulbs. No matter what type of bulb you’re using, Mini Dimmer will bring a maximum amount of dimming range.

Create a perfect mood for any occasion

Would you like to impress your guests by creating a perfect atmosphere for the occasion?

Whether you want to create a flattering glow for a romantic meal or a party inspiring lighting, with Mini Dimmer you'll be able to play with lights and spark the right mood. Gathering in your home will never be dull.

Lights tuned to your life

During dinner, you enjoy different lighting than when reading a book or working at a computer. Now you can create different ambience throughout your home. Switch to a bright light to allow you reading a book while the rest of the room can be dimmed to let others enjoy watching their favorite movie without stopping you from reading.

Turn lights on or off
anytime anywhere.

Control the safety of your home with a single tap.

Prevent burglars from breaking into your home. Simulate your presence at home, by turning your lights on and off when you’re out. Make your house a safe home giving an impression to potential burglars that you are home while on vacation, for example.

Quick and Easy installation

Qubino Mini Dimmer really excels when it comes to ease of installation and
integration. You only need to follow these simple steps:

Shut the power OFF.

Remove the switch from the flush mounting box and disconnect it from power supply.

Check 3-wire installation diagram and connect Mini Dimmer to the power supply and switch.

Check 2-wire installation diagram and connect Mini Dimmer to the power supply and switch.

Place Qubino Mini Dimmer into the flush mounting box and put the switch back on.

Turn the power ON.

Search for new devices on your Z-Wave gateway and include Qubino Mini Dimmer in the Z-Wave network.

Mini Dimmer is the smallest wireless dimmer

Watch the video below and find out why.

Works in a 2-wire system - without neutral.

The 2-wire system is very common in the electrical wiring of older homes. Thanks to Qubino Mini Dimmer these can be turned into smart homes as efficiently as new houses. Mini Dimmer does not require a neutral wire (N). It works also in a 2-wire configuration system, which does not have a neutral line.

Mini Dimmer technical specification

Works also in a 3-wire system.

The Qubino Mini Dimmer has been designed as the universal light dimmer that will work with any type of electrical wiring - a 2-wire or a 3-wire system. No matter if your electrical system has a neutral or not, Mini Dimmer will connect perfectly.

Mini Dimmer technical specification

No minimum load required

Your existing low wattage bulbs can be converted to smart lights with one switch. For example, if you have a 3W bulbs you will be able to dim lights easily with the Qubino Mini Dimmer, at the contrary of other similar devices available on the market.

With Mini Dimmer, you can connect and remotely control low wattage bulbs. There is no minimum load power required

The smallest of its kind

Why Mini Dimmer guarantees you the easiest and quickest installation?

Mini Dimmer fits in any flush mounting box worldwide. Because it’s the smallest dimmer worldwide. It fits in even the smallest, most shallow and most crowded electrical boxes, overflowing with wires.

No matter how small, shallow, crowded or stuffed with electrical cables, Mini Dimmer will fit smoothly in any flush mounting box. Reduce assembly time and installation expenses, install it fast and easy behind a classic switch.

RGB LED signalization
to make your set-up easier

Mini Dimmer has an RGB LED signalization. With RGB LED light easily recognize, if the Mini Dimmer is included or excluded from the network, be aware in case of overload or overheating and when the calibration is in progress.

Environmentally friendly.

Qubino Mini Dimmer consumes the least electricity in the dimmer community, only 0,4W.

Qubino packaging is made of 0% plastics, we only use carton material
that can be recycled.

Works on the world's leading smart home technology - Z-Wave

Qubino Mini Dimmer works on Z-Wave technology, which means it is compatible with all certified gateways supporting Z-Wave communication protocol.

Search for new devices on your Z-Wave gateway and include Qubino in the Z-Wave network.

Mini Dimmer is Z-Wave certified and is compatible with all Z-Wave certified gateways worldwide. To make sure there are no surprises and the Mini Dimmer functions are supported on your gateway, we are regularly executing compatibility tests of our devices with Z-Wave gateways from different manufacturers.

Click here and check the compatibility of Mini Dimmer with more than 20 Z-Wave gateways

Highest level of cyber security

Why is Mini Dimmer among the safest smart home devices?

Z-Wave technology offers different levels of security: unsecured, security 0 and the highest and the most secured level - Security 2 Unauthenticated and Authenticated.

Mini Dimmer features Security 2 Authenticated security level, which is the most advanced security for smart home devices in the market today.

Every Z-Wave Security 2 Authenticated product has a unique ID used to communicate with your hub. This ID adds another level of safety beyond AES-128 encryption. It is as secured as your internet banking.

More about Z-Wave

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100% Innovative

We are passionate about technology applied to everyday life and this passion drives us to continuously invent and pursue greatness.

Innovation is our core value and rooted in everything we do. We strive to constantly improve and introduce novelties, ahead of time. To constantly bring new ideas to life, we collaborate with Universities and research centers. To assure the quality of the products, before they enter the market, we test them and certify with independent certification institutions to receive international recognition.

100% Quality Guarantee

Qubino guarantees 100% device quality. Such a high quality can be delivered because every Qubino product goes through rigorous quality control standards throughout the production process. Every device gets a unique serial number and a part number, only after it goes through a strict testing procedure.

Product design & development with only top-quality components and robust materials

Strict quality control standards throughout the production process

Only after successful testing the Qubino products receive a serial number to ensure you full treaceability

Quality check after the products arrive at our dispatch center

Customer support
Fast and comprehensive e-mail customer support

100% Customer Support

Every Qubino device goes through a strict testing and examining procedure. Every product has a unique serial number and part number, which is assigned to the device after a 100% positive assessment.

Our support policy advises that every customer receives an answer within 24 hours.

Go to our support website and open a new support ticket. By telling us the product's unique serial number and part number, we will automatically review the production log file containing device parameters and information. This allows us to immediately identify and address issues, giving you the best customer support.

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