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IKA232-20/230 V - Contactor

Ordering code: 030 046 833 000
Voltage: 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Current: 32A, 2 pole

BICOM432-40-WM1 Bistable Switch

Ordering code: 30.074.038
Voltage: 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Current: 32A, 4 pole
Temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor

Ordering code: ZMNHEA1
Digital Temperature sensor has 1m cable with connector to connect directly to Qubino modules. Digital temperature sensor range is between -25°C~+80°C
Installation on temperature sensor
2M Casing Set

2M Casing Set

Ordering code: ZMNHFA1
Temperature sensor can be installed behind this 2M casing SET. It is suitable for mounting on boxes Ø60 with claws. SET consists of: 1 × cover plate1, 2 × 1M perforated blank cover and 1 x mounting frame 2M with claws. 2M casing SET is made of PC/ABS material and comes in 2M dimmenssions. 2M casing set is available in polar white colour.
2M Casing Set installation
Wall mounted temperature casing

Wall Mounted Casing

Ordering code: ZMNHGA1
Temperature sensor can be installed inside this Wall mounted casing. The dimensions of the Wall mounted casing are 71mm × 71mm × 27mm. This casings are made from ABS material and are available in white colour.
Surface Door Sensor

Surface Door Sensor

Ordering code: NEDJAA1
The sensor comes in three parts. The door mounted part is installed by two screws on the door. The second part, the door frame, is installed on the door frame, this part has 2 connectors for 2 wires. Third part is a cover for connectors. When the door is closed the door mounted part and the door frame should be aligned.
Surface Door Sensor
Qubino Built-in open door sensor

Built-In Door Sensor

Ordering code: NEDJAA2
The sensor comes in two parts. The first part is built-in into the door, while the second part, with 2 wires, is inserted into the door frame. When the door is closed the both parts should be aligned.
Qubino Splicing connector detail

Splicing Connector

Ordering code: GEKDAA1
COMPACT splicing connectors for all wire types; 5-conductor wire block; with operating levers; max. operating temperature 85°C
Qubino Splicing connector