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Shades Remote Controller

The World‘s 1ˢᵗ Z-Wave remote for shades control (Z-Wave secondary controller)

Multiple control options

Are you looking for motorized shades with a remote control, but you would also like to open/close them using wall-switch and a smartphone?                              Shades Remote Controller is a unique world-class solution, as it is the only remote that allows combined control of shades with a remote, a switch, and via smartphone.

Control up to 9 shades with one remote

Shades Remote Controller has 9 channels, so you can use it to operate up to 9 shades. The remote enables shutter operations: up/down/stop.

Control any kind of motorized shades, awnings, or windows

The smart home ready shade is exactly the same as the standard motorized shade. You can still control it with remote controller or a switch. The added value is in a built-in Qubino device that enables wireless control of shade.
Connect smart home ready shades to more than 60 smart home gateways (hubs) anytime. That’s when smart home ready shade becomes smart. Control it remotely via smartphone or tablet, set it to open/close according to preset schedules and scenes.