Qubino playroom: learn how to setup a smart home with smart technology
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Qubino Smart home Playroom opens its doors

Join us at Home Automation workshop in Qubino Playroom

We are happy to announce that Qubino Playroom is now open to everyone!

Our professionals look forward to sharing their knowledge about Smart Home technology with you. Join us in Qubino Playroom and learn how to set up your own Smart Home and test our home automation products!

We kindly invite all tech enthusiasts and young students, who would like to enter the world of home automation to join us at the first workshop. 

Qubino smart home workshop will take place on Wednesday, October 4, 2018, from 3 pm till 5 pm.

Which solutions will you discover in Qubino Playroom?

Joining us in Qubino smart home playroom gives you the opportunity to learn more about Qubino smart doors and gates. You will see how to set-up a home system which will allow you to remotely control all your doors and gates from anywhere. Additionally, home automation also offers remote control of windows and shades. No matter where you are when it starts raining, for example, you can remotely close your smart windows. If you want to protect your home from the midday sun, just close the blinds from anywhere.

Have you ever left home worrying about whether you have switched off your appliances? Have you ever had doubts about the iron being on after you left home? Qubino smart meter solves the problem, as it allows you to control all your domestic appliances.

In short, Qubino offers a comprehensive smart home solution. On top of all the above, you can choose a wide range of smart solutions: smart lighting, smart domestic water heating, smart home heating & ventilation, IT and multimedia devices automation, Pool & Spa automation, Smart irrigation controllers.

Join us and learn more about all smart home solutions that Qubino offers to make your living more comfortable. Above all, home automation enables you to save energy.

The event is free of charge, however places are limited, so hurry up and apply now!