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SmartStart – Making Z-Wave Both Useful And Easy To Set Up

Z-wave has always been the most efficient way of turning your home into a smart home. Now it’s also become easy to install, thanks to the Z-Wave SmartStart feature. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about it, from introduction to the feature to explanation of its functions.

Introduction to Smart Start

Setting up electronics is, at least for most of us, a pretty daunting task. Nothing really works as it should, no matter how closely you follow the instructions. Not to mention all the opportunities of an error when dealing with different versions and releases. Knowing just how frustrating this can get, Z-wave developers have worked hard to make this a thing of the past. The solution they came up with is called SmartStart, a feature that shifts the hassle of setting up smart home devices from the end-user to the manufacturer.

How Does it Work?

SmartStart allows manufacturers, resellers, and distributors to pre-configure both the device and the network before sending them to you. The direct result of this is the most effortless, repeatable installation of your devices. With SmartStart, you simply mount your device and power it on. The devices are then automatically recognized and added to the network because they already come with their roles and configuration set beforehand. This greatly reduces installation time, prevents installation errors and completely eliminates the need for calling a professional to set the device up.

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Setup Process

Z-wave devices with SmartStart features are pre-configured by scanning the fitting QR code. This assigns them to their network before being sent out. After the gateway is activated, it automatically finds any paired devices that have been turned on. But even if a device wasn’t pre-configured, SmartStart still makes the installation and pairing easy. 

SmartStart comes with a list of all the devices that were assigned to the smart network. This includes the device’s roles, device IDs and similar vital information. To install a new device, all you need to do is to power on your gateway, and scan the device’s QR code with your smartphone. The gateway then gets all the needed information from the provisioning list and walks you through the following steps. The exact installation process may vary from device to device, but it always stays hassle-free.

Installing is now Convenient and Secure

SmartStart uses Z-wave’s S2 Security, making the installation both convenient and secure. Security 2 is mostly tasked with keeping your smart network safe from intruders during its operation, but a secure setup is also important. S2 framework ensures that the network only pairs with the devices you want to use. It protects your network from so-called rogue devices – malicious devices, connected to the network to spy or harm your system in some other way.

In summary, SmartStart is a feature that makes an already great smart network even better. Installations, that could formerly take hours, now only take minutes. And besides saving you time, SmartStart provides you with a secure hassle-free experience.