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GOAP proudly announces Qubino smart home workshops

Qubino smart home workshops


GOAP - a Slovenian Global Innovator – joined forces with Qubino team to discover young talents and smart home enthusiasts. We now proudly announce Qubino smart home workshops taking place at Goap.


The economy and the educational institutions in Slovenia don’t work together often. However, at the opening of the Qubino smart home Playroom in October 2018, the trend has changed. In fact, a lot of experts from the field, media representatives and elementary-school principles accepted the initiative of connecting entrepreneurs with educational institutions.

The purpose of Qubino smart home Workshops

The main purpose of the event was to present all participants a free smart home technology educational program. We wanted to motivate young students who show interest in technology and innovation to join our workshops. The follow-up activities will take place in GOAP’s Qubino Playroom, as well as in elementary schools. 

In addition, the event has reached its goal and has attracted sparkles in the eyes. All of us were clearly aware that the transfer of practical knowledge through play and socializing is important for young people and our society in general.

Qubino smart home Workshops – from the construction of a smart home to building a brighter future for our children

GOAP offers open doors to all tech enthusiasts every Wednesday, between 3 pm and 5 pm. Furthermore, we engage in cooperation with youngsters, who have a desire to acquire knowledge about smart home technology. The goal is to translate one's own desires into genuine interests and further activities, that will lead to the right career path. Learning about innovations, their process of development, searching for ideas for new technological solutions, getting to know the basics of marketing through play, are just some of the contents that students will come to learn at Goap. The children will develop new thinking processes among their curious peers and will get familiar with an interesting new environment.

Media support - let's spread the word for our children

The society is longing for a bright future. And since our children are our future, then every voice is an additional motivation to make such projects more often. Only with our forces united, we can prosper from a healthy initiative to creating a successful story.

Qubino smart home workshop
Qubino smart home workshop